taking care of natural material, wool, olive soap


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All designs are completely handmade of wool. Wool is a natural material that benefits our health and sensation in so many ways.  Wool perfectly regulates body temperature - you will be warm on a cold day and cool on a hot day. It offers a daily gentle foot massage. Wool is a natural antiseptic. These items are not only soft and light but also do not require to be washed often.  Sole of shoes is made of natural latex, which is inherently hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resistant to water. Latex soles make wool shoes safe to walk (not slippery).


Felt gets rid of all dirt very easily. It’s sufficient enough to just crumple slippers softly in the water.  Please, do not rub wool when washing. You don’t need to wring it. After washing, rinse slippers and drain them by wrapping them in a towel, then form it around your feet to regain the original shape. 
Dry it in horizontal position. 

● hand wash cold 30C' (86 F'), use mild detergents ●

● do not tumble dry; lay flat to air dry ●

● can be reshaped into desired figure with hands while still damp ●

● not recommended to wash a flower and other decoration  ●


What is an eco-friendly product? It implies ethics of production, quality of a product, and taking care of the environment. 
Nature-friendly B E T W E E N stands for:

● using only water and olive soap ●

● natural, eco-friendly materials ●

● 100% handmade ●