Don’t skip comfort when packing for travel – treat your feet to the luxurious softness of natural merino wool. These cozy wool slippers are specially handcrafted to hug your feet just right for maximum relaxation, and their sleek design and light weight makes it easy to pop them into your purse or carry-on, so you can bring the comfort of your home wherever you go! Slippers come in a variety of bold, saturated colours and feature a latex sole for added comfort, easy cleaning, and increased longevity. 


Each pair of slippers is individually made to perfectly fit your one-of-a-kind feet!

Slippers arrive in a stylish linen storage bag. Perfect to a gift and for travel! 


The collection «HEALTH & WELLNESS» of luxurious specialty footwear is all about taking care of the queen within! 


Women's shoe sizes conversion chart.

TRAVEL Slippers / made to order

78,00 €Price
Color: Green
    • All-natural, 100% merino wool inside, NO dyes!
    • Latex sole is durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Outer merino shell carefully dyed with safe, non-toxic dyes in compliance with Oko-Tex Standard 100.
    • Decorative velvet bow for extra style.
    • Lightweight: 160g or less!
    • SLIPPERS ARE MACHINE WASHER SAFE (place the item in a mesh bag). 
    • Natural wool is rich with healthy lanolin.


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