Treat your feet to ultimate comfort when you slip on a pair of cozy wool spa slippers after taking a relaxing bath and applying your favorite essential oil. The soft, lanolin-rich merino wool will hug the curves of your feet and gently massage them as you walk around. Wear these beauties at home or bring to the spa - lightweight and compact, they'll fit perfectly into your bag! Natural latex soles make these slippers waterproof. Always keep these on hand for impromptu at-home spa sessions!


Each pair of slippers is individually made to perfectly fit your one-of-a-kind feet!

Slippers arrive in a stylish linen storage bag. Perfect to a gift and for travel! 


The collection «HEALTH & WELLNESS» of luxurious specialty footwear is all about taking care of the queen within! 


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SPA Slippers / made to order

71,00 €Price
Color: Grey
    • All-natural, 100% merino wool.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Convenient sling on a heel makes them easy to slip on.
    • Decorative perforations for extra style.
    • Anti-slip and easy to clean latex sole.
    • Lightweight: slippers weigh 160g or less!
    • Natural color, NO dyes!
    • SLIPPERS ARE MACHINE WASHER SAFE (place the item in a mesh bag). 
    • Masterfully felted wool keeps original shape even after multiple washes!
    • Natural wool is rich with healthy lanolin.


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