Stay warm and cozy all night, wrapped in the softness of natural wool. Compact and lightweight, these, 80% merino and 20% llama, wool slippers will keep your feet toasty as you slumber, even on the coldest winter nights. A natural body temperature regulator, wool will ensure that your feet are not too warm, not too cold, but just right, and its soft texture will stimulate healthy circulation for blissfully relaxed, restful sleep. Slippers feature a delicate button closure to make sure they stay put ‘till morning.

Each pair of slippers is individually made to perfectly fit your one-of-a-kind feet!

Slippers arrive in a stylish linen storage bag. Perfect to a gift and for travel! 


The collection «HEALTH & WELLNESS» of luxurious specialty footwear is all about taking care of the queen within! 


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SLEEP Slippers / made to order

70,00 €Price
Color: Grey
    • Natural merino and llama wool.
    • Without sole.
    • Natural color, NO dyes!
    • Stylish pearlescent button closure.
    • Lightweight: only 100g.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Wool helps maintain optimal body temp + increases circulation – perfect for achy joints and sore muscles.
    • SLIPPERS ARE MACHINE WASHER SAFE (place the item in a mesh bag). 
    • Natural wool is rich with healthy lanolin.


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