felted stylish slippers, handmade, professional design

My childhood passed in Siberia, in the land of fast and cold rivers
of the Mountain Shoria and balmy, hot valleys of Altai. In the land
of ice castles, wild strawberry in the fresh dew, bread from the traditional Russian oven, and fairy tales to the spinning wheel sound. In the land where reigned that simple love, which felt in every single move
of my grandmothers when, whether they were spinning,
knitting or weaving wool rugs.


I started drawing when I was a little girl and now I am a professional graphic designer. After my career in a number of big design studios
of Saint Petersburg, endless festivals, travels and adventures,
I have settled down in the Alps. Here, like when a child, I enjoy flower blooming, singing of birds at dawn, crystal-clear air and white-blue snowdrifts. Here, in the mountains, I catch my cloud of inspiration.


My life is still full of interesting discoveries and new projects.
But I am also trying to pull out of my childhood a thread that bonds different generations. This is why I enjoy working with wool.
This is why I named my mark «B E T W E E N».
To me, it is an unrevealed enigma and a strong bond. 
«B E T W E E N» means between handicraft and design.
Between sky and earth.
Between my hands and my grandmothers' palms. 
It is a bond between fibres that transforms clouds
of wool into warm things.
It is a bond between me and you.